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Designed by business schools for business schools, the GMAT™ exam assesses the skills most relevant to success in a graduate management program. More than 200,000 business school candidates per year take the GMAT exam exclusively for application to graduate management education programs.

with the GMAT™ exam, schools know that they are getting a pipeline of candidates who are committed to a business education. According to the latest Kaplan survey, the number of graduate business admission professionals indicating preference for the GMAT exam has increased 44% since 2014. GRE preference has fallen from 4% to 2%.


The organizing body has set no official eligibility requirements in terms of academic qualification. There is no minimum or maximum academic qualification or degree requirement for test-takers. However, most of the examinees are undergraduate students or working professionals eager to take up a management course. Even if the students don’t fall under the above criteria, they can still take the test.

GMAT Eligibility: Age Limit
The minimum age criteria as set by GMAC for the GMAT examination is 13 years. There is no maximum upper limit on age. A majority of applicants who appear for the GMAT are above 30 years of age. Students above 18 years of age can simply register and apply for the GMAT examination. However, students between the 13-18 age group need their parents or legal guardians to sign the permission letter at the time of registration to allow them to take the test.

GMAT Eligibility: Exam Qualification
As per GMAC, the number of attempts that an applicant can take will depend on a few conditions. Students can retake the GMAT examination 16 days after the first attempt. It will include holidays and weekly offs as well. Within 12 months, the applicants cannot take the GMAT examination more than 5 times. The maximum number of attempts is 8 for any applicant. If any applicant has scored 800 and above, he or she has to wait for another 5 years for the second attempt.

Course Outline

GMAT is required for admission to Master's Program in Business Administration.

GMAT - Graduate Management Aptitude Test

Format Computer Adaptive Test
Analytical Writing One Integrate Task(12 Question,30 mins)
One Argument Task(30 mins)
Quantitative Section Problem Solving & Data Sufficiency
(37 Question, 75 mins.)
Verbal Section Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning &
Sentences Correction (41 Que, 75 mins)
Maximum Score 800
Argument Score out of 6 Argument Score out of 8
The score is valid for 5 years.
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